Competition entry for a building plan for the Mõisavahe Quarter in Tartu

Location: Tartu, Estonia
Client: Tartu City Government
Open architecture competition: 2004, honourable mention
Size: 70,000 m2

Mõisavahe is a natural green zone next to the Annelinn residential area in Tartu. Annelinn is located a bit further away from the city centre, on the left side of the Emajõgi River, and the apartment buildings in the area were mainly built in the 1970s.

In 2004, Tartu organized a competition for the Mõisavahe Quarter building plan with the goal of turning the empty quarter into a residential area. The main development principals for the buildings, landscaping, parking and utility networks had to be described.

In the design for the competition, the buildings were located together forming small islands so the natural environment would be preserved between and around the buildings as much as possible. It stands in contrast to the layout of the neighbouring Soviet pre-fab buildings, which are centred around internal courtyards.