Sensitive architecture in the summer capital of Estonia

Location: Pärnu, Estonia
Client: Suvituse Maja
Open architecture competition: 2017, 1st prize
Completed: 2019
Size: 4,800 m2

The concept for Wasa hotel stems from an appreciation of human scale and its relationship with interior space. The volume is a balance of larger urban and more delicate scales. The height of the three-storey main building cuts back toward the park giving a smooth transition to the smaller courtyard buildings. The perimeter of the complex is divided into smaller units which are offset from one another to break up the long elevation. The hotel and rehabilitation building creates a unique ensemble, allowing enough privacy both for the users of spa facilities as well as guests of the hotel rooms and courtyard apartments.

Offsetting the volumes brings freshness and allows the long corridors associated with medical institutions to be avoided. This gives a more human scale in interior spaces and privacy in spa treatment rooms. In addition, the offset volumes allow many hotel guests to enjoy a hotel room with corner balcony. Courtyard apartments offer a flexible alternative to hotel rooms giving guests more privacy.

The interior architecture is modern, comfortable, relaxing and unique while honouring the historic building and accompanying park. The new building’s interior needed to harmonize with the existing ‘Swedish hotel’ completed in 1938 in the functionalist style of the 1930s, as well as to bring a contemporary touch. The milieu of the hotel, spa and restaurant is simple, clear and light, yet luxurious with a dash of art deco – much like a modern take on “Poirot-era” glamour. The interior spaces are in light colours paired with darker, more soft and shadowy accents. Only high quality materials are used - wood parquet flooring, brass details, velvet textiles with green walls and lavish plants brightening the space.