Georgian pavilion for 2017 EXPO

Repeat use Georgian pavilion for 2017 EXPO

Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
Client: JSC Georgian Energy Development Fund
Commission: 2017
Completed: 2017
Size: 500 m2


From 10 June to 10 September 2017, a special-EXPO (International Specialized Exhibition) was held in Astana, Kazakhstan, the theme of which was “Energy of the Future”. The Georgian pavilion, created by KOKO architects, presented the present and a vision of the future for the production and transit of energy in Georgia. The main focus of the pavilion was hydro-electricity – Georgia’s largest source of energy both now and in the future – and Georgia’s capacity in the transit of energy, which makes Georgia a key country in the energy network of the surrounding area.

The heart of the pavilion was a huge turbine, the internal blades of which functioned as light-sources and created a separate room in the middle of the pavilion, where you had a chance to learn through energy-themed games. The external blades, fitted with screens, divided the space into separate sections that explained various subjects pertaining to energy and, in a wider sense, Georgia itself. The floor of the pavilion was an energy map of Georgia indicating both the capacity and intricacy of the country’s energy transit network including all the junctions in the system; that is, the larger hydro-electric power plants. The unique solutions in the Georgian pavilion and the interactive and audiovisual content, developed by Motor, were re-used after the Astana EXPO in Georgia as part of an exhibition about energy.