1A Merivälja street

The stately beauty of this location – amidst pine forests where the River Pirita flows into the sea – makes it one of the most sought-after places to establish a new building. The building has been planted among the pines, its L-shaped form attempting to open up as many different views as possible, while keeping the exposed sides of the house away from road traffic.

Unlike, say, beach pavilions, an office building boils down to the physical output of the businesses operating there, and that is why we chose conservative black concrete as the siding material – on the one hand, it can be intimidating yet it also combines well with the dark tones of the pine tree trunks. As for wood itself, it tends to be overused in wooded and beachfront settings, so we employed it for the decking only – after all, in seaside Estonian weather conditions, it means more maintenance headaches than rewards. The other siding material used for this house – façade glass with a greenish blue undertone – is used for floor-to-ceiling views of the river, beach and sea on one side and the scenic natural pine forest on the other.

The short end of the house’s letter L is made up of a two-storey projecting section and a balcony poised over the driveway. On the west-facing sides of the house, the second and third floors have balconies; together with a slight overhang on the roof, they also help to provide shade for the interior. The east sides of the house are reserved and minimalist, leaving reflections of the pine forest to play across the large expanses of glass.