Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Client: Al Mare Estate OÜ
Commission: 2015
Completed: 2017
Size: 9,400 m2


For most buildings, their name is their address – the street name and number. For some buildings, the story or history behind them becomes so great that in the collective memory, the address of the building is replaced by its name until no-one can even remember the address. But what happens when the goal is to write the story of a building into its every detail – walls, floors and windows – from the very beginning?

Kopli Bay has historical ties to ships and shipbuilding, and is skirted by three large ports and a shipyard. The new building is situated at the southern end of Kopli Bay, from where it has been possible to witness the launching of ships on the other side of the bay, the north-eastern tip of the Kopli peninsula, since 1916. Now finally there is a Ship (Laev) anchored in a southern part of the bay.

The mighty wedge-like form of this office building towering over Paldiski maantee creates the impression of a magnificent steamer, with playful white waves on its deep blue facade. Like ships on the sea, Ship has no superfluous or random details – the dark blue glass and the wavy lamella structures function as protection from the sun, without restricting the views of the sea. Unlike other office buildings, the idea behind Laev spans from the external appearance of the building to the interior and the parking lot. The walls and details of the rooms inside Laev change as people move – sea creatures on the lower floors, and sea birds on the upper floors. Smooth sailing guaranteed.