A plan for an underground bus depot in Stavanger

Location: Reivheim, Stavanger, Norway
Client: Boreal Transport Norge
Commission: 2012
Size: 90,000 m2

Madla-Revheim on the outskirts of Stavanger is to be made into a futuristic city district. The land that had been mostly used for farming covers 76 ha. Stavanger Kommune conducted a high level architectural competition in 2013 to obtain the best planning ideas for building a future proof and energy efficient city, where all services can be accessed within a 10 minute walk. The plan is to build 200,000m2 of office space and 4,000 homes in the entire city over the next 20 years.

Boreal provides bus transport services in the Stavanger region with more than 200 buses. Considering the value of the land, soon it will be impossible to have an above ground depot in Revheim. The task for KOKO architects is to provide solutions for building a bus depot below street level, so that both office buildings and homes can be located above the depot. In addition to parking space for the buses, the depot will also include a repair workshop, washing facility, warehouse for dangerous substances, gas station and the like.

The collaboration between the architects, the bus company and the city has been considering the three largest solutions and the variations on them. One option is to build the bus depot under the lot owned by Boreal, another sees it under a neighbouring school stadium, and the third to build it altogether beside a major road that crosses the area. Each solution has its advantages and limitations. For example, a depot built under the stadium would produce surplus energy that could provide year-round heating and green grass for the stadium. Building the depot away from the stadium will pose construction limitations on the living or business quarters built over the bus depot.

Testing each version, and the resulting analysis and considerations are on-going and developing.