50-room hotel in the flourishing spa and museum town of Rakvere in Virumaa

Rakvere, Estonia
Client: Aqva Hotels
Invited architecture competition: 2010, 1st prize
Completed: 2013
Surface: 4,500 m2

The town of Rakvere, located on the northern shore of Estonia, close to beautiful Lahemaa National Park is becoming increasingly known as a destination for enjoying spa relaxation and cultural events. The historical town of Rakvere was first mentioned in the Livonian Chronicle of Henry in 1226. In the 16th century, after the Livonian war, a magnificent stone castle was built in Rakvere and now the ruins of that castle have become the town’s main attraction together with its museum, concerts and theatre performances.

As requested by the client, each of the suites is different in colour and style. The multifaceted interior offers the guests the opportunity to imagine travelling to different eras and locations.

In 2008, the Rakvere spa and aquatic centre was built nearby the ruins of the castle, and in 2013 a 4-storey hotel was added to the complex. The spa and the hotel are connected by a glass walkway just above the street. The ground floor of the hotel houses conference rooms, the first and the second, accommodation for guests and the third floor is reserved for suites. The hotel has a mansard roof with a 45-degree angle, inspired by the height and angling of the roofs of the buildings in the old town. The building itself is relatively compact and an intricate double facade was used to create a more dynamic appearance. The insulated wall and the balconies are evenly covered with L-shaped metal profiles, creating a new layer for the facade with water drop shaped openings for the balconies. The water drop motifs act as a reference to the name of the hotel and its connection to the aquatic centre.